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Training material Crossinno Project WP4 - English version

Materiale formativo - versione in inglese


Within CROSSINNO project training materials were developed in order to concretely stimulate collaboration (cross fertilization) between cultural/creative enterprises, cultural engines and SMEs. It is therefore extremely transversal and in full coherence with the concept of creativity, depending on the point of view from which it is received, usable free of charge by each of the subjects involved.

We advise you to start from the material contained in the folder "Get rid of the box: Business, culture and creativity as factors of identity and development", to go beyond the known motto "think outside the box" and always keep in mind the the importance of having "creative trust", of practicing creativity constantly and training one's creative potential. With this approach, it will be simple and exciting to deepen the topics covered, which range from the deepest sense of the connection between SMEs and creative cultural enterprises, to the methodologies and tools to innovate thanks to this connection.

Once aligned on the value of collaboration, you can move on to some methodological insights, accompanied by interesting examples, exercises and tools to “really” cross fertilize and work on new ideas and new products with method and result orientation. Here the file entitled "Cross-fertilization for new cre-active connections: how to do it?" Is for you: the material is full-bodied, but extremely concrete and easy to apply. The interludes represented by the case studies and good practices that you find among the various tips, suggestions and exercises allow you to better focus your attention on the possible results of group work.

The material available is then enriched by a rich collection of other case studies, entitled "How do others do it? selected case studies, for new ideas and creativity insights": these are the cases that were presented during the events organized within the framework of WP4 of the CROSSINNO project.

To live or review the events mentioned above, find the recorded videos in the WP4 Crossinno Events folder:

  • Feedback Workshop for cultural and creative industries_13 aprile 2021
  • SME and Creative Cultural Industry: from collaboration to the development of a business strategy_23rd April 2021

The whole is completed by an interesting document with links and useful references for further information, research and curiosities.

Good luck!





Get rid of the box: Business, culture and creativity as factors of identity and development"

  • The Creative Cultural production system an interesting landscape Scarica PDF
  • Enterprise Creativity Innovation breaking the mold and having creative trust  Scarica PDF
  • Training ideas, guidelines and tools to innovate within a business thanks to creativity Scarica PDF

Cross-fertilization for new cre-active connections: how to do it?

  • Cross-fertilization for new cre-active connections: how to do it Scarica PDF

How do others do it? selected case studies, for new ideas and creativity insights

  • Case study Stepan Zavrel Foundation Scarica PDF
  • Case Study UNIS&F projects Scarica PDF
  • Case study Museo Etnografico della provincia di Belluno e del Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi Scarica PDF
  • Case study KJOSUL Scarica PDF
  • Case study Associazione Giochi Antichi Scarica PDF
  • Case study Arzy Ca' Scarica PDF
  • Case study “RigenerArte” UNIS&F 2018 2019 Scarica PDF

WP4 Crossinno Events

  • MURAL Feedback Workshop for cultural and creative industries 13 aprile 2021 Scarica PDF
  • Feedback Workshop for cultural and creative industries 23 aprile 2021  Scarica documentoRecording of event

links and useful references 

  • Values and Innovation. Business as a place for creativity Scarica PDF
  • Useful links and further material Scarica PDF

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